Veterinary vaccines and other veterinary medicines, provide a crucial role in preventative health for livestock farming. Vaccination is just part of the prevention strategy.

If outbreak of a disease happens, which farm animals are already vaccinated the perception is often that the vaccine has not worked. Nevertheless, vaccines is only part of the prevention, and when investigating this outbreak of the disease, veterinary vaccine handling is always a very tenuous part of the discussions in fact vaccine storage. However, that must to be a part of the vaccination program that is often overlooked. You can spending a lot of money on a batch of vaccines, but the importance of the cold-chain may be missed.
To protect your interests use the relevant cold chain solutions.

All products are tested with WHO recommends that testing is carried out at a constant ambient temperature of +43 °C to simulate transport of vaccine in hot environments and vehicles for maintaining the recommended vaccine storage temperature of +2 °C to +8 °C, inside an insulated container or vaccine carrier.

A portable container used for the transport of vaccines by an individual from one point to another, and to maintain the temperature of the vaccine within acceptable limits during the transport and vaccination activity, typically from a few hours to a several days.

Insulated pallet box used for transporting big batches of vaccines from manufacturers to the recipient.


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