Termo-Kont MK LLC

Pallet insulation boxes

Pallet insulated cold boxes TM-300 can uphold temperature conditions for a long time during the shipping of immunobiological preparations within + 2 ⁰С to + 8 ⁰С temperature range, vaccines at temperatures below minus 18 ⁰С, and other conditions.

We have developed TM-300 mainly for shipping the SPUTNIK V vaccine over a long distance. Besides, TM-300 is perfect for shipping frozen fish, meat, dairy products, and other products that need to comply with the temperature conditions.
The product range consists of reusable insulated containers and single-use created for one-way shipment. Both types have equal insulation performance.
Special ice packs
Special ice packs have been developed to provide more reliable usage of the TM-300.
The TM-300 can have two internal volume options: 300 and 630 liters. The 630-liters version with twice as much shipment capability can maintain the same temperature conditions as the 300 liters version for a slightly reduced period.
To get the specifications and detailed test reports, download files: