Insulated Boxes (TM Series)

Insulated boxes, such as cold boxes and vaccine carriers of the TM series have been designed for shipment of immunobiological preparations, blood plasma, and vaccines. All passive containers and water-packs (ice-packs, coolant-packs and warm-packs) or PCM-packs have been laboratory tested to establish thermal performance in accordance with the cold chain law.

The product range is from 1 to 80 liters of internal volume and producing in two types:
Type 1
Type 1 is reusable, packed in bag cases.
This type of boxes are used for easy carrying,
including couriers and laboratory assistants;
Type 2
Type 2 is single-use, packed in corrugated
cardboard for one-way drug delivery.
Insulated Boxes
Both types have equal insulation performance.
For over 20 years, the biggest clinical laboratory, hospitals, and drug carriers in Russia use our insulated boxes every day.

Ice packs MXD

Ice packs MXD consisting of phase change material are used for long-term maintenance of the temperature conditions inside the insulated boxes.

Medical insulated cold boxes of the TM series are included in the WHO catalogue and registered with the FEDERAL SERVICE FOR SURVEILLANCE IN HEALTHCARE.
To get the specifications and detailed test reports, download files: